Blue Plaque

The English Heritage Blue Plaque

The famous Blue Plaques to notable people have been appearing on the walls of buildings in London for many years. The concept of recognising important and significant people in this way has been occurring since 1902 when it was known as the ‘Indication of Houses of Historical Interest in London’.

In 2018, an application was made to English Heritage to recognise Andrew Watson with a plaque on the wall of his home in Kew, Surrey. In 2019, the application was accepted and English Heritage confirmed they would begin the process of installing a Blue Plaque to Andrew Watson.

However, before this could happen, English Heritage would have to undertake proper due diligence before a date for the installation could be set and as this was very thorough, it would take some time.

Then Covid put a halt to any progress and all projects were shelved for the duration.

At the current time, English Heritage is resuming its due diligence and we will hopefully hear more soon....

UPDATE: JUNE 2021. Confirmation received the Blue Plaque for Andrew Watson will go ahead, but unlikely to occur this year.

September 2021: Confirmation that Watson will not be submitted to the Committee this year....

September 2022: Intention to erect a plaque confirmed. Issue with contacting home owner....?