Watson's Family

When Henry Tyler Watson died in 1975, the Watson family lineage appears to have ended. Of Andrew Watson’s four children, we can be reasonably confident that three did not produce offspring. However, it has been recently discovered that Henry Tyler Watson, the second son, had married and research continues to discover if the marriage produced any children. At the present time, no direct relatives have been found or have come forward to claim his name.

All of Watson’s children left a low profile, with only a scattering of indications of their existence. This low profile and the absence of any grandchildren may have been one of many factors that contributed to Andrew Watson’s disappearance from the historical record.

Even though his extended family members were immensely wealthy, none of their affluence appears to have filtered down to Watson’s children, as none exhibited any signs of prosperity. In fact, for a family with such a distinguished heritage, the Watson family members all lived modest and unremarkable lives.

Andrew Watson’s uncles did not register any offspring. If they fathered illegitimate children in Guyana, it is assumed that they would have accepted the responsibility for their offspring, as Peter Miller Watson did, and their ‘natural children’ would have been similarly cared for.

Miller Watson’s business partner, Alexander McLaren, also formed an alliance with a local woman of colour and his offspring were also sent back to Scotland to be educated. Therefore, it seems likely that any natural children produced by others in the Watson family would not have been abandoned and left unrecognised. No records have been found of any other Watson children being sent back to Britain.